Kansas Unemployment Hearings Process

If you have received a letter or notice denying your eligibility for unemployment benefits, you should consider filing for a hearing with the Department of Labor.  In Kansas you only have 16 days from date any decision is mailed to file appeal for hearing, to the employment security board of review, or to district court and this timeline is jurisdictional.  It is advisable that you speak with a Kansas unemployment attorney to see if they can represent you in the hearing and asset in the formal request for a hearing.

Call for your free consultation.  If our law firm is able to help you with your case, we will help prepare you for the Kansas unemployment insurance hearing.  We will also represent you in the hearing, which is usually by telephone, to ensure your legal rights are protected.   In many cases, an unemployment hearing date may be within a few days of receiving your letter.

You are going to need time to prepare for your hearing, so act today by contacting our law firm for your free case review.