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Kansas City workers compensation lawyerThe Law Office of Michael J. Joshi was established in 1996 after I gained several years of experience as an insurance defense attorney. I understand how insurance companies respond to cases and I use this knowledge to negotiate on behalf of my injured clients. Contact me to schedule your free consultation regarding:

Personal Injury — I protect the rights of injured people and their families by getting them the care they need. I seek full compensation for injuries, medical bills and other losses from car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, professional and medical malpractice, and wrongful death. By working with an established Kansas City & Lenexa personal injury lawyer, you can expect top levels of professionalism and client care.

Workers’ Compensation — As a Kansas City & Lenexa workers compensation lawyer I represent injured workers in Kansas City, Lenexa, Olathe, and Overland Park. Workers’ compensation laws are changing, and not necessarily in favor of the injured. If you have been hurt at work, contact a lawyer to ensure that your rights and options are taken care of.

Social Security Disability — Individuals at all stages of the Social Security disability application process can benefit from legal help. I advise those who are filing initial applications as well as those who have been denied benefits. I can work with you from the initial application to reconsideration of benefits, to hearings and appeals. It can be difficult going through the challenges of a social security disability claim. Why not enlist the services of a Kansas City & Lenexa social security disability lawyer?

Kansas City workers compensation lawyerEmployment Discrimination — Were you fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim or complaining of discrimination? Most employment in Kansas is “at will.” However, an employer cannot fire an employee for filing for workers’ compensation, complaining of discrimination, or reporting illegal activity by an employer. Get help from an experienced discrimination lawyer if you were wrongfully discharged. Employment discrimination in Kansas City & Lenexa is no laughing matter. Ensure that you are able to obtain what you legally deserve by working with Michael J. Joshi, a trusted Kansas City & Lenexa discrimination lawyer.

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Contact the Law Office of Michael J. Joshi in Kansas City & Lenexa, Kansas, at (913) 227-0100 or toll free at (877) 958-4005 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced workers compensation and discrimination lawyer. I will give you real answers and honest opinions for your unique case.