Unemployment Law

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Few people are untouched by unemployment these days. Even if you are still going to a job regularly, you most likely have a spouse, parent, child, friend or relative who has felt the sting of reduced hours or an absent paycheck.

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Still, in the current economic climate, unemployment can happen to anyone. When your income situation changes in the blink of an eye, you can take comfort in knowing that you may be able to collect unemployment insurance from the state and/or federal government.

Of course, there are times when you may encounter resistance from former employers or the government itself when you apply for these much needed benefits. Our Kansas City & Lenexa Unemployment Lawyers understand that unemployment law is varied and complicated, but at the Law Office of Michael J. Joshi, we make every effort to see that you get the assistance that will allow you to pay your bills and feed your family in Kansas or Missouri.

Unemployment arises out of many circumstances, including layoffs, firings, quitting and the closing of your place of work. Whatever the specific situation may be, it is well worth talking with an unemployment lawyer to learn about your options. Even if you think there’s no way you can qualify, your Kansas City & Lenexa unemployment attorney may know of an avenue that is viable and potentially beneficial for you.

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