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At The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi, I provide results-driven representation for workers’ compensation, unemployment claims, Social Security Disability benefits, personal injury cases and employment discrimination.

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Get The Compensation You Need For On-The-Job Injuries

Fearful of permanently losing their job, many workers do not report their injuries to their employers. In other instances, an employee may report their injuries, but their boss denies their claim for proper compensation. There are laws protecting an injured workers’ right to fair and just compensation for a job-related injury. These are workers’ compensation laws.

I am Michael. J. Joshi, and I have been providing relief and protecting workers’ rights for 30 years. Workers struggling to get the compensation they need are frequently too emotionally, physically and financially stretched to wage the battle on their own without an attorney. I fight the battle alongside my clients, and I will fight for you too.

Knowledgeable And Personal Legal Counsel For Employees

Have you been sidelined at work? Changes in the marketplace and the landscape of the economy have been rough on the workforce here in Kansas and Missouri. The tornado force of technological advances, government regulations on businesses and the service industry, well-established enterprises downsizing or shuttering their doors, furloughs and layoffs can be overwhelming to employees just trying to make a living. When you have an employment-related question, speaking with an attorney sooner than later could be vital to the outcome of your legal problem.

I began practicing law in 1989 and have extensive experience in civil law courts throughout Kansas and Missouri. My current practice is 100% devoted to plaintiff representation against employers and insurance companies of all sizes. I will provide the clarity you need for unemployment benefits and strong representation for denial of benefits. I am also experienced in helping clients successfully navigate the complex processes involved in personal injury claims and Social Security Disability.

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“He helped me to understand the appeal process for unemployment. He had questions that I didn’t think about at the time. Overall, I couldn’t have had better person on my side throughout this process and I would recommend him to my friends.” – A Former Employment Law Client

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I believe that legal services should be accessible for everyone, so I focus my practice on advocating for the underrepresented. When you are hurt, denied benefits, laid off or fired and do not know where to turn, call me.

At The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi, my clients know that the core values of my law firm center on the idea that practicing law should be more about people than profit. Clients come to me because I offer quality legal services in multiple practice areas paired with a high degree of personal service.