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Crash in Kansas City leads to 1 death, at least 2 injured

Drivers need to pay attention on the roads. They need to watch where they're going and to give themselves enough time to make turns without forcing other traffic to slow down. Unfortunately, people are prone to human error, and those errors can result in significant collisions.

You can fight for compensation after a personal injury

You and your children were traveling back from their school when you saw it: A large truck was heading toward you and was not slowing down. As that vehicle approached quickly, you looked for anywhere you could get out of the way, but there were no shoulders or areas where you could move out of the lane. As a result, you ended up in a head-on collision with the truck to put as much distance between your children and the vehicle as possible.

Who is responsible to ensure that everyone is belted in?

A driver who transports passengers in their vehicles in Kansas City takes a great responsibility on themselves when they choose to do so. They are charged with the safety of all of those in the car. Like most, you might assume that responsibility ends with them driving safely so as to avoid any unnecessary risks, yet it even goes farther than that, even down to making sure that everyone is wearing their seat belts

Understanding the one-bite rule

Regardless of whether or not you are a dog lover, it is difficult to deny that canines provide millions of Americans with loving companionship. Indeed, the ease at which they can be trained and domesticated often causes many to look past the fact that they are still animals, and as animals, they possess certain instincts that can lead them to act aggressively. If you have been bitten by a dog, you know this better than most. You also know that such an injury can be costly, and can have you wondering whether you can hold their owners legally liable. Many have come to us here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi with the same question. The answer depends on where the incident occurred. 

What is an attractive nuisance?

As a parent in Kansas City, you naturally worry about your kids. Yet you likely take some comfort in knowing that your teaching and example at home have taught them sound judgment (and that such judgment will help keep them out of potentially dangerous situations). While that may be true in many cases, there may be some things that seem so enticing to children (particularly young children) that they cannot be expected to understand the dangers that they pose. Such things are often referred to (in the legal world) as attractive nuisances

Defining a property owner’s duty of care

Like most of those that we here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi have worked with in the past, you would not dream of inviting another into your home or on to your property in Kansas City without first ensuring that the space was free of any hazards that could potentially cause harm. You no doubt, then, expect that the same courtesy will be afforded to you when you enter on to another’s land. Common courtesy might dictate that property owners meet this standard, yet a question may exists as to what extent they are legally required to. 

What if you signed a liability waiver?

A common request you may encounter when participating in many of the activities offered throughout Kansas City is for you (or members of your family) to sign a liability waiver. Such waivers essentially stipulate that if you (or your family member) is injured while participating in the activity, the activity provider cannot be held liable for your injuries. Typically your participation in the activity is contingent on you agreeing to the terms of the waiver. Yet if you do (or do so for a family member) and then you (or your family member) are injured, are they absolutely no options for you to seek legal recourse

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