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Understanding the attractive nuisance doctrine

Your kids may often look forward to the onset of spring in Kansas City simply because it serves as a sign that summer is right around the corner. To them, summer means no school and more time to play and explore the outdoors. To you, it might mean more worry that the many "adventures" they seek could lead to danger. There are many attractions out there that are inherently dangerous, yet children (particularly young children) may not appreciate the risks they present. When children are injured by such attractions, parents often come to us here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi wondering what legal recourse they may have. 

Lawsuit claims Motorola responsible for man's brain injury

Say "brain injury lawsuit," and most might think of an action taken on behalf of one injured due to the simple negligence of another. While that often may be the case, there are actions involving brain injuries (or all types of personal injuries, for that matter) for which there may not be a direct connection between a plaintiff and defendant. In scenarios where a defective product might have led to a brain injury, an entire company can be the target for litigation. 

What is whiplash?

Depending on the severity, car accidents can have a range of devastating effects. Even seemingly minor crashes can result in serious medical issues, including whiplash. The Mayo Clinic offers the following information on whiplash and how it can affect your health and wellness.

What is comparative negligence?

You never anticipate suffering a severe injury in Kansas City, which is likely why such accidents are often so debilitating. Not only do you have to deal with the direct physical effects of the injury, but you also are forced to pay with the expenses that come with it. Then there is the potential for an additional financial loss if your injury forces you to take time off work to recuperate (or worse, keeps you from returning to work at all). All of these factors can lead to you facing inordinate expenses. This is typically what prompts people to file personal injury lawsuits

What are the psychological effects of a spine injury?

If you recently experienced a serious spine injury in Kansas City, chances are you’re still adjusting. Even a seemingly minor disability can have an impact on the rest of your life, which is why many people have trouble coping with these sorts of injuries. explains the emotional impact of spinal cord injuries so you can begin making sense of the process.

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Missouri?

Losing a loved one in Kansas City is never easy, particularly when their loss is unexpected. Yours and your family's grief may be compounded even further if it is discovered that their death was due to the negligent action of another. In such a case, you may feel justified in seeking a wrongful death lawsuit to help share the burden of the financial losses your family member's or friend's death has forced you to deal with. The question then becomes whether you are authorized to initiate such action. 

Determining the prognosis for brain injury victims

Many have come to see us here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi after seeing family members or close friends suffer traumatic brain injuries. If you have had to endure a similar ordeal, then you likely share the same thought process. Your concerns in the immediate aftermath of such an accident are not on what sort of legal recourse might be available, but rather to what extent you can expect your loved ones to recover. While each individual injury case is different, there are certain clinical indicators that might offer an idea of what your family member or friend's long-term outlook may be. 

Family of woman injured in police pursuit files lawsuit

Most in Kansas City likely understand that when interacting with someone who is in the course of completing the duties of their employment, said individual's job might require them to engage in actions that many may view as irritating. Law enforcement authorities may be a good example. People may honor the job they do in protecting their communities, yet find it annoying when they are given a traffic citation. Yet most realize the good provided typically outweighs any minor irritants. There may still need to be limits, however, in the freedoms that one is given when performing their jobs, as overstepping their bounds could net troubling results. 

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