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Don't overlook these workplace injury risks

People often think of certain professions, such as office work, as being safe. The fact is that every job comes with some risks. Understanding those can help employers provide the tools and protocol they need to keep their employees safe. When employers don't do this, the workers might suffer injuries.

Some common occupational illnesses

According to data published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2015, at least two million workers suffer fatal injuries on the job worldwide each year. Further, 160 million employees end up with non-fatal occupational diseases on an annual basis. Some work-related conditions are more common than others.

Good preventative steps can help prevent 3 common work injuries

Getting hurt at work is the last thing anyone wants, but yet these accidents happen all the time. What is worse is that many of the accidents that do happen are a result of similar errors in the workplace, like not keeping the floors clear of debris or failing to use the correct personal protective equipment.

What is epicondylitis? Is it treatable?

As a carpenter, you regularly use your hands and arms to do your job. Recently, you've been having a difficult time with weakness and pain in your elbows, which has taken a toll on your work. You've called off twice and had to rearrange clients because of the issue.

Hurt because of slick floors? You could have a claim

You have been working in your office for a few weeks, and one thing you've noticed is that the floors can be extremely slick. You are required to dress professionally, and that often means wearing heels and dressier shoes that don't always have as much traction as you'd like.

Should you seek out vocational rehabilitation after an injury?

When you get hurt performing your job, it's a big deal. Since you were doing something you would normally do, the injury might make it impossible to perform your work duties. You may find that you can't return to your job even after emergency care and recovery.

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