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Social Security Disability Overview

When someone applies for Social Security disability benefits, it is very common to get turned down the first and second time. But do not give up – many cases that are originally denied are then approved on appeal. Working with an attorney can help you present a stronger case.

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You Could Wait Two Years For A Hearing

Because of a backlog of cases within the Social Security Administration, you can wait up to two years for an appeal hearing. This means you can go up to two years without income or benefits. However, getting help from a lawyer with the initial claim may help speed up the process. If you present a compelling case at the initial stage, you may be able to get benefits sooner.

Additional Things To Consider

People under the age of 50 may have a harder time getting Social Security disability benefits. It may be helpful to consult an attorney if you are under 50 to present your strongest case.

Social Security considers your ability to work full time at any occupation, not just at your former job. This means you could be denied benefits if you are unable to return to your old job but could perform a different job. Depending on your situation, that could mean working for less money.

The Social Security disability application process is complicated. Help from an experienced lawyer can make a difference.

Work With An Experienced SSDI Attorney

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