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Skilled Guidance For Unemployment Matters

Unemployment can happen to anyone and anytime. It arises out of many circumstances, including layoffs, firings, quitting and the closing of your place of work. Typically, you can apply for unemployment insurance from the state and/or federal government. There are times, however, when former employers or the government creates barriers to you obtaining your much-needed benefits. When this occurs, contact an employment lawyer right away to discuss your options. I am Michael. J. Joshi. At my law firm, The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi, I can assist my clients in Kansas and Missouri successfully navigate through a wide range of unemployment law questions and concerns.

No matter what your unemployment situation entails, I am here to provide the advice and guidance you need. I have extensive experience with unemployment matters and understand the complexities of this area of law. As your attorney, I will guide you through every step of the legal process toward the most favorable outcome.

Don’t attend your unemployment hearing without proper legal representation. Contact me for the help you need.

Comprehensive Unemployment Law Services

I offer considerable guidance and representation for unemployment law issues in Kansas and Missouri. This includes addressing these common concerns:

Contact An Attorney To Advocate For You

As an experienced attorney, I have tried numerous unemployment appeals to achieve the best results for my clients. I will make every effort to ensure you get the financial assistance you need to pay your bills and living expenses. Even if you think there’s no way you can qualify for unemployment, I may be able to find an avenue that is viable and potentially beneficial for you.

For a free initial consultation, call me today at 913-428-0199, or send an online message and tell me about your case. I offer evening and weekend appointments upon request. All major credit cards are also accepted.