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Part-Time Work May Impact Your Claim for Unemployment Benefits

If you have a claim for unemployment compensation, you still need to seek active employment. To remain eligible for unemployment benefits, you must report all wages earned as well as be available for work. This work availability requirement means that you must be able to report for work each week. If you refuse to work, this can result in a denial of benefits. Therefore, if accepting part-time employment makes you unavailable to seek or accept full time employment this could negatively impact your benefit eligibility.

What Is Work Reduction?

In some cases, your employer may have had to cut back on your hours or work load. If you were a full time employee, you may be forced to work as a part-time employee or risk losing your job. This may allow you to collect partial unemployment benefits. While not as ideal as eligibility for a full benefit, this partial benefit may allow you a financial cushion while you continue to seek more permanent, full time work.

What Are Partial Unemployment Benefits?

If you accept part time work or are reduced to part-time work through no fault of yours, an unemployment attorney can help analyze the partial unemployment benefit you may be eligible to receive. In general, the state reduces the benefit you’d received if you were 100 percent unemployed by the amount you earn for part time work. You can run a general calculation at the website. Call The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi to schedule an appointment to go over the specifics of your case.

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