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How An Unemployment Law Lawyer Gets Paid

If you’ve been denied unemployment, you can hire an unemployment law attorney to represent you at your appeal. A benefits appeal is started by filing a written claim of appeal. Your case can then be scheduled for an in-person hearing. Your attorney can represent you at the hearing. Your will meet with you beforehand, prepare a legal strategy, interview and prepare witnesses and other evidence you may need at the hearing.

Before hiring an unemployment law lawyer to represent you in your unemployment appeals case, it is a good idea to discuss their fee arrangement. Most attorneys will advise you of the fees you can expect to pay at your initial consultation.

Your lawyer will explain their fees to you upfront at your initial consultation. Some lawyers charge a flat fee for representing clients at an unemployment benefits appeals hearing. Some attorneys charge an hourly rate. In either case, you should have a written fee agreement with your attorney before you agree to hire them and/or they agree to take your case.

Understanding The Difference Between Fees And Costs

Your attorney will explain how his fees are calculated. Again, this might be a flat fee for preparation and appearance at the hearing. If you lose at the hearing and decide to pursue your appeal to a higher tribunal, your attorney will likely charge an additional fee. Also, make sure you ask whether the flat fee includes costs such as filing fees to the state. If not, you may have to pay those out of pocket.

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