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What To Do If Your Employer Appeals Your Unemployment Benefits Award

If you applied for unemployment and were awarded benefits, your employer may choose to appeal this decision. If that happens, speak with an unemployment law attorney to learn about your legal your options.

Reasons Why an Employer May Appeal an Award of Benefits

Generally speaking, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation if you lost your job through no fault of your own (i.e. lay off, quitting for good cause). If you meet certain minimum income requirements, are capable of working, and actively seek alternative employment, you may be awarded benefits. However, your employer may appeal this award. Understand that benefits are paid from taxes paid by your employer, the more claims successfully made, the higher the rate your employer pays. Therefore, they have in interest in minimizing awards paid out.

What An Employer May Try and Argue

Employers may argue the circumstances surrounding your termination make you ineligible. For example, if you claim you were laid off, they may say you were actually fired. If there is a question about whether you quit, expect your employer to bring that up as well. Additionally, they may argue whether you meet the minimum income requirement.

Understanding The Appeals Process

Your employer has the option of filing an appeal with the appeals tribunal. Your case may then proceed to a hearing and your unemployment lawyer can represent you. If you win, your employer may appeal to a higher tribunal all the way to the court of appeals. You can respond to your employer’s position at every step of the appeals process.

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