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Why would your shoulder hurt after a car crash?

You were heading to a nice evening out with a date when another vehicle sideswiped yours. It was a forceful impact, since you'd both been traveling at around 50 mph. Fortunately, you were able to get out of your vehicle and didn't think you had hit your head or had any other major injury.

It was only a few hours later when you realized that you weren't able to move your left arm as well as before the car crash. The next morning, it was in severe pain. You could hardly touch it. What happened?

Struggling with seizures? You may qualify for disability

When you've lived with a disability, you know that it can become difficult. There are ups and downs with any chronic injury or illness.

You've had epilepsy for many years, and it has usually been controlled. Then, you were in a car crash that seemed to make it much worse. Today, you have regular seizures. Though they don't usually require medical care, they do happen often and unexpectedly.

Are repetitive stress injuries grounds for a workers' comp claim?

If you suffer injuries at work, you know there are certain types of benefits available to you in a workers' compensation claim. This insurance carried by your employer is there to support workers who suffer injuries in work-related incidents or who become ill as a result of their work environment. They are also available to those who experience a worsening of an existing medical condition because of their job requirements.

A common example of this is repetitive stress injuries. These are injuries that develop as a result of doing the same motion repeatedly over a long period of time. Perhaps you already had this injury and your job made it worse, or maybe you developed this condition after years of doing the same tasks. You cannot see these injuries, but they are very real, and they could be grounds for a workers' compensation claim.

Chronic pain can be debilitating, and victims deserve support

When you are involved in a car crash, one thing that could end up affecting you is chronic pain. Even though your injuries may have healed externally, the reality is that nerves can be damaged and end up causing you significant pain throughout your life.

Sometimes, this pain is hard to manage through medication or other treatments, so you just have to learn to cope. That's disabling and devastating to your life, though. Keep in mind that you can hold the party who struck you liable for this pain, as it may affect your ability to work or live your life normally.

U.S. Coast Guard agrees with new requirements for duck boats

If you work on a Duck boat, you know that it could be a little dangerous if you sank. After one such boat sank in Missouri, the Coast Guard determined that these boats do need a redesign.

An April 28 report described the U.S. Coast Guard's determination, which is that these amphibious tour vehicles need to have their canopies, curtains and surrounding framework removed for safety. In 2018, a Ride the Ducks vehicle sank near Branson, and that incident killed 17 of 31 people on board. The people on board may have gotten trapped by the canopy or curtains as the boat sank, making it impossible for them to swim to safety. On top of that, the boats would fill with water quickly and sink due to their design, which the Coast Guard urged to be altered.

The Social Security Administration's definition of disabled

When you suffered the injury that led to your disability, you were at a loss. You didn't know how to work things out to make staying gainfully employed a possibility.

Then, someone told you that you should file for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. You knew you had the option, but you aren't sure that it's right for you or that you'll be able to qualify. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration does provide a significant amount of information on disability benefits for people in your situation.

A spinal fracture is a serious injury: Follow your treatment plan

When you fell at work, you knew that you did something to your neck. It didn't feel right, and you had significant pain.

You went to the hospital immediately, and you were told that you had a crack in one of your vertebrae. Though it may not lead to trouble in the future, for now, you'll have to stay in a neck brace and won't be able to work. It's a huge problem for you, and you're not sure what to do next.

The less obvious fall hazards are often overlooked

If you work in an industry in Kansas City in which you frequently risk your life by working at elevated levels, you might not realize that fall arrest systems and guardrails are only some of the necessary safety precautions. It might be a good idea to take note of some additional hazards and steps that you can choose to stay safe. If you become familiar with the potential risks while working at heights, you can take responsibility for your own safety.

Falls make up a significant percentage of workplace fatalities across all industries, and those who do not rely solely on their employers to protect them may have better chances of avoiding serious or even deadly falls. This will require alertness and looking further than the obvious dangers.

Should you seek out vocational rehabilitation after an injury?

When you get hurt performing your job, it's a big deal. Since you were doing something you would normally do, the injury might make it impossible to perform your work duties. You may find that you can't return to your job even after emergency care and recovery.

One of the things that workers' compensation may provide to you is called vocational rehabilitation. This is a workers' compensation benefit that provides additional compensation for schooling, training or other preparation for a new job or new position.

4 injured when police chase turns into crash in intersection

Sometimes, police pursuits are necessary. Officers may be trying to get a dangerous driver off the road or working hard to limit how many people are put at risk by barricading certain exits or roadways.

Unfortunately, people can get hurt if a pursuit goes too far. That's what happened in a case in Kansas City, where the police stated that there was a significant crash in a local intersection at around 11:30 p.m.

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