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Woman's sues after altercation leaves her with a concussion

When the topic of brain injuries is brought up, many in Kansas City might automatically conjure up images of people in persistent vegetative states unable to function on their own. While such conditions are often the result of traumatic brain injuries, there are also many TBI cases whose outcomes are far less severe. Indeed, while many may not realize it, a concussion is also classified as a TBI. Yet most do not view concussions as being overly serious, as those who sustain are often able to recover from them in just a few days (without having to deal with any apparent ill effects). Any injury involving the brain, however, should be viewed as serious, as even something as simple as a concussion can have a dramatic impact on one's life? 

One might wonder how dramatic the long-term effects of a concussion can be. According to an Arizona woman currently suing the man she views as being responsible for her concussion, such an injury can cause memory loss, headaches and chronic pain. These are the consequences she is left to deal with after her interaction with a local law enforcement officer turned ugly. What started as an inquiry as to her presence in front of her ex-boyfriend's apartment escalated to the officer forcefully restraining the woman (during which time her head hit the concrete) before arresting her. She is now suing, saying that the officer's actions were excessive and unwarranted. 

Could your headache be a cerebrospinal fluid leak?

There are many reasons residents of the Kansas City metropolitan area complain of headaches, from allergies to weather changes. However, if you have suffered an injury to your spine or had a spinal medical procedure, your headaches may be something more. You may have a cerebrospinal fluid leak, which can cause debilitating headaches and other symptoms. The following information from the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation may help you determine if you are suffering from a CSF leak.  

A spinal CSF leak results from a tear in the dura mater of the spinal cord. The resulting low intracranial pressure leads to debilitating headaches and other symptoms. CSF leak causes are varied and include whiplash or other spinal injuries, lumbar punctures, spinal surgery, or a leak may occur spontaneously with no known cause.

What is tennis elbow?

Don't let the name fool you; tennis elbow doesn't only afflict people with an affinity for the sport after which it's named. This condition also impacts people in certain professions, such as painters or people who use hand tools on a regular basis. As repetitive motion continues, tennis elbow will grow worse over time. This leads to significant pain and discomfort, which prevents a person from earning a living in some cases. 

In terms of risk factors, a person's occupation can have an impact on the development of tennis elbow. Repeated use of the muscles in the forearms can cause minute tears in the tendons over time. Office workers who use a computer on a daily basis often experience symptoms. Chefs may also develop tennis elbow, as can plumbers and carpenters. Along with occupation, age also increases risk. This condition is most common in those aged 30 to 50 years old. 

What are hidden disabilities?

When you hear the word "disability" you probably think of someone with an obvious medical issue that requires assistance for daily chores and tasks. However, disabilities are not always so cut and dry. Many people suffer from serious disabilities that aren't immediately evident to others. The Mighty explains these hidden disabilities, along with providing tips on how to be a good ally to a person with a less obvious, but still serious, medical issue. 

For many people suffering from invisible disabilities, the constant questioning from friends and family is difficult to take. For example, a person may appear to be fine based on the outward appearance, even joking and laughing with others. However, this provides no insight into a person's interior struggles. People experiencing chronic pain, which can be caused by conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, limitations may not be immediately obvious. In this case, some people may feel comfortable being mobile for a short period of time, such as while shopping. This limited ability provides no information on the full consequences of their disability, which may be enough to prevent a person from working for a living. 

Addressing anger after a car crash

When some people think about the different challenges that auto accident victims have to endure, they may envision the debilitating injuries that so many people have struggled with or the countless lives that have been claimed too soon. With that being said, the consequences of an accident are not always noticeable right away. Moreover, some may never be noticeable to others, since the mental trauma and emotional wounds of a car collision can last for years without showing any visible outward signs. Many people become depressed in the wake of a crash, but there are other negative emotions that people may struggle with, such as anger.

Anger can be counterproductive in many facets of one’s life, whether it creates challenges in their personal relationships or leads to problems in the workplace. It can also lead to health-related concerns, such as high blood pressure, and a host of other hardships (such as developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs). Sometimes, a certain amount of anger cannot be avoided. After all, it is completely understandable for someone who was struck by a reckless driver to be upset about what took place. In fact, people may even become angry over a car accident that they were not involved in, especially if their family member was hurt or killed in the crash.

The surprising ways your work may be bad for your health

You may assume that you are not at risk for injury at work because you sit at a desk or you do not have a job that requires physical exertion. However, you may be surprised to learn that even the most simple or seemingly benign jobs may have hidden risks that could place your health at risk. Many Kansas workers who have desk jobs and other types of careers that are not physical may suffer from repetitive stress injuries. 

Repetitive stress injuries may not seem like a big deal because they are often unseen. You may not be able to see the injury that is causing you pain, but it can actually keep you from meeting the demands of your job. These types of work-related injuries are serious, and if you are suffering from one, you may have grounds to pursue financial support through a workers' compensation claim. 

How can I keep my child safe when riding a bike?

Now that summer is here, plenty of children in Kansas are spending ample time riding bikes outdoors. While this is a fun and healthy activity, it also leaves your child vulnerable to accidents, which can sometimes be caused by careless drivers. There are tips you can provide your child to ensure that she is as safe as possible when riding a bike, as explained by

Always wear a helmet

What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Being witness to or a victim of a traumatic episode causes a wide range of mental and emotional effects. This condition is known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can be disabling for some people depending on the details surrounding an incident. The American Psychiatric Association explains some of the symptoms of PTSD and how this mental condition is often treated. 

PTSD can have a variety of causes. It's often associated with combat veterans, but it can occur to anyone who's experienced a traumatic event. Additionally, it can also impact a witness of a traumatic event even if no harm befell that person. PTSD can arise from violent assaults, accidents, or natural disasters. It's usually characterized by a distinct set of behaviors that make it difficult for a person to live a normal and fulfilling life.

Are my kids safe on trampolines?

If your child is visiting a friend or family member with a trampoline at their home, you're right to be a bit concerned. Trampolines can result in injuries, including broken bones and concussions in more serious cases. That's why it's crucial to take the proper steps to safeguard kids jumping on trampolines, especially when there are multiple children present. The Mayo Clinic makes the following recommendations. 

Placement of a trampoline must be considered carefully for optimum safety. They should be kept far away from potential hazards on flat, even ground. If the ground is uneven, it's possible the trampoline will tip over. If it's placed near a steep drop off, a child may be seriously injured if he or she falls off the trampoline. In the same token, certain safety features should be used to make jumping as safe as possible.

Is your job robbing you of your hearing?

If you are working in the construction industry in or around Kansas City, noise is likely such a part of your work environment that you accept it without a second thought. Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant percentage of the work-related illnesses reported nationwide, including Missouri, involves occupational hearing loss? Hearing loss is irreversible, but it is preventable.

Excessive exposure to loud noise or chemicals classified as ototoxic typically causes occupational hearing loss. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers must prevent noise exposure at sound levels that exceed an average of 85 decibels in an eight-hour time-weighted period.

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