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Family of woman injured in police pursuit files lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Most in Kansas City likely understand that when interacting with someone who is in the course of completing the duties of their employment, said individual’s job might require them to engage in actions that many may view as irritating. Law enforcement authorities may be a good example. People may honor the job they do in protecting their communities, yet find it annoying when they are given a traffic citation. Yet most realize the good provided typically outweighs any minor irritants. There may still need to be limits, however, in the freedoms that one is given when performing their jobs, as overstepping their bounds could net troubling results. 

A South Dakota is currently alleging (in a lawsuit) that a local official did indeed cross the line when he chose to engage in a high-speed pursuit of a group of local youths. The chase ultimately ended with the youths crashing their vehicle and suffering serious injuries. The lawsuit in this case is being filed by the family a young women whose suffered severe brain damage in the crash. 

In the lawsuit, the family alleges that the officer ignored department protocols in pursuing the youths, and that he was out of his jurisdiction when the incident. The family of another victim of the crash has also initiated a similar action. 

When people in positions of authority appear to be overzealous in the execution of their jobs, those affected by their actions may certainly feel justified in pursuing legal action against them in order to both hold them accountable and deter others in the same positions from engaging in similar actions. Those seeking such legal action may be wise to first consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.