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August 2020 Archives

Some common occupational illnesses

According to data published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2015, at least two million workers suffer fatal injuries on the job worldwide each year. Further, 160 million employees end up with non-fatal occupational diseases on an annual basis. Some work-related conditions are more common than others.

Good preventative steps can help prevent 3 common work injuries

Getting hurt at work is the last thing anyone wants, but yet these accidents happen all the time. What is worse is that many of the accidents that do happen are a result of similar errors in the workplace, like not keeping the floors clear of debris or failing to use the correct personal protective equipment.

Workers' compensation: Is RSI the cause of your pain?

If there are mornings when you have trouble moving because your back hurts or your joints are stiff, you're definitely not alone in your struggle. Any number of issues might be an underlying cause of your discomfort. If you're over age 50, it's not uncommon to experience stiffness or a certain amount of bodily discomfort as you age. However, if your Kansas job requires you to maintain an awkward posture or to repeat a motion over and over again, you might have a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

These 3 kinds of brain injuries can have lasting effects

Suffering from a brain injury can change your life quickly, leaving you with changes in your personality, memory problems, difficulty with sight or weakness or other issues. Traumatic brain injuries happen when your brain is bumped, jolted or otherwise suffers a blow that disrupts its normal activity.

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