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May 2019 Archives

Understanding cognitive deficits

Most might assume that the need to seek legal action after someone has suffered a traumatic brain injury disappears if the victim appears to have recovered after the incident. "Recovered" is often assumed to be walking, talking and doing all of the activities most associate with a healthy individual. Yet when watching your loved one following their TBI, you may notice something about them just appears to be off. Many have come to us here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi having noticed the same thing wondering what sort of assistance may be available to them in dealing with it. 

Long shift workers may need workers' compensation more frequently

You spent years training, honing your craft and working hard to reach where you are today. Whether you work in manufacturing, mining, construction, health care or any other type of high-skilled industry, you understand the importance of all training. Unfortunately, some companies appear to have forgotten some of these essentials. Your employer's actions could be putting you in a position where you will need workers' compensation benefits in the near future.

When a car crash disrupts your career

After a car collision, people may suffer a number of immediate consequences. For example, they may be in a lot of pain, struggle to pay hospital bills and be left with an injury that leaves them immobilized for weeks or even months. However, there are a number of long-term consequences that may come with a car accident, such as a victim losing his or her ability to work in a particular field ever again. Some people are never able to return to the workplace in any capacity, while others may not have the ability to perform certain job duties, essentially destroying their career. This can be mentally and financially devastating, to say the least, and highlights why it is so important for victims to stand up for their rights.

Do you know how to prevent electrical shocks in your workplace?

It is not only electricians who face electrical risks. It is your employer's duty to protect your health and safety on the job site, but learning to recognize potential hazards might keep you safe. It is crucial for you to know your limits, and never to attempt jobs that are not within your field of expertise and training.

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