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June 2019 Archives

Are my kids safe on trampolines?

If your child is visiting a friend or family member with a trampoline at their home, you're right to be a bit concerned. Trampolines can result in injuries, including broken bones and concussions in more serious cases. That's why it's crucial to take the proper steps to safeguard kids jumping on trampolines, especially when there are multiple children present. The Mayo Clinic makes the following recommendations. 

Is your job robbing you of your hearing?

If you are working in the construction industry in or around Kansas City, noise is likely such a part of your work environment that you accept it without a second thought. Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant percentage of the work-related illnesses reported nationwide, including Missouri, involves occupational hearing loss? Hearing loss is irreversible, but it is preventable.

How can I remain safe while working around biohazards?

Some workplaces are more dangerous than others. For instance, those working within a medical clinic or hospital may come in contact with biohazards in the forms of blood or other bodily fluids. These biohazards can carry serious diseases, which may be transferred to workers if the right steps aren't taken to protect them. explains the steps workers can take to protect themselves, as well as the obligations of employers when it comes to keeping employees safe and secure. 

When a drunk driver hits a pedestrian

Pedestrian accidents happen for countless reasons, from poor visibility to speeding and walking too close to traffic. However, many pedestrian accidents are the result of drug and alcohol intoxication. During the summer months, there are many drivers who make the poor decision to drive while under the influence of alcohol, placing their own lives in danger and threatening the lives of many others on the road. Sadly, some drunk drivers have struck pedestrians, resulting in significant injuries or even the loss of life.

Qualifying for disability due to anxiety

Many in Kansas City may believe anxiety to be something that every working professional has to deal with. Yet for many of those that we here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi have worked with in the past, they anxiety is such that it seriously impedes their ability to work. If this describes your current situation, then you may also be experiencing additional stress at the thought of not being to provide for yourself and your loved ones due to your anxiety keeping you from working. You will be happy to learn, however, that anxiety is indeed listed among the disabling conditions recognized by the Social Security Administration. 

Disney sued after bird attacks guest at resort

People in Kansas City may often associate a bad reputation with personal injury lawsuits, viewing them as thinly-veiled attempts by people to make others pay for their accidents and/or injuries. Oftentimes, and accident may appear to be just that. As accidents by their very nature are typically unanticipated, some might say that any legal action arising from them is unwarranted. Yet typically, it is often not the actual event that is addressed in a lawsuit, but rather the conditions that contributed to it. From that perspective, a strong argument might by made that persons or parties in authority had it within their power to prevent an accident from ever occurring. 

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