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January 2019 Archives

Determining the prognosis for brain injury victims

Many have come to see us here at The Law Office of Michael J. Joshi after seeing family members or close friends suffer traumatic brain injuries. If you have had to endure a similar ordeal, then you likely share the same thought process. Your concerns in the immediate aftermath of such an accident are not on what sort of legal recourse might be available, but rather to what extent you can expect your loved ones to recover. While each individual injury case is different, there are certain clinical indicators that might offer an idea of what your family member or friend's long-term outlook may be. 

Workers' compensation: What does a Kansas employer have to do?

Workers' compensation exists to provide protection and support for injured workers. These benefits are not available only to those in risky occupations. Most workers likely have coverage and the right to file a claim after a work accident. Employees of all kinds will find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of their rights and what to do if they are involved in an accident in the workplace.

Family of woman injured in police pursuit files lawsuit

Most in Kansas City likely understand that when interacting with someone who is in the course of completing the duties of their employment, said individual's job might require them to engage in actions that many may view as irritating. Law enforcement authorities may be a good example. People may honor the job they do in protecting their communities, yet find it annoying when they are given a traffic citation. Yet most realize the good provided typically outweighs any minor irritants. There may still need to be limits, however, in the freedoms that one is given when performing their jobs, as overstepping their bounds could net troubling results. 

Does cancer qualify me for SSD?

A diagnosis of cancer immediately changes the focus of your life and that of your family. As a Missouri resident, you may wonder if you can receive financial assistance through the Social Security Administration to help pay the bills if you can no longer work. The short answer to the question is maybe. Navigating the process required to apply is often complicated and time-consuming.

Treasure your hearing - it cannot be replaced

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says many millions of workers nationwide, including in Missouri, deal with workplace environments with excessive noise exposure. Does this include you? If you are a carpenter, a plumber or one of many other occupations where hearing loss is common, you might be wise to take precautions.

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