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July 2020 Archives

Seemingly minor risks might be unrecognized workplace hazards

Regardless of the industry in which you work, there is sure to be slip, trip and fall risks. Also known as STF hazards, people often ignore them or regard them as insignificant. Who would think that stepping over a tool or an extension cord could cause a fall with traumatic consequences? Striking your head as you land can leave you with life-changing brain injuries.

What is epicondylitis? Is it treatable?

As a carpenter, you regularly use your hands and arms to do your job. Recently, you've been having a difficult time with weakness and pain in your elbows, which has taken a toll on your work. You've called off twice and had to rearrange clients because of the issue.

You should appeal a disability denial

Living with a disability, especially when it's new, can be a major adjustment. You may not longer be able to do the things you enjoy or be able to work in any substantial amount. You may be worried about how you're going to support yourself and your family, which is a fair concern.

On the Fourth of July, beware of dog bites

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and it's a day when many people find themselves faced with angry, anxious or upset dogs. This is the time of year when fireworks may be present throughout the night and when family members may be around a new dog for the first time.

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