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Why would you have elbow or arm pain after a crash?

After a car crash, you may have significant arm or elbow pain. There are a few reasons for this. First, if you tensed or were holding onto the wheel, your arms were vectors for the force of the collision. Your joints may have absorbed some of the shock, but that also means that they may have been bruised or injured as a result.

Don't overlook these workplace injury risks

People often think of certain professions, such as office work, as being safe. The fact is that every job comes with some risks. Understanding those can help employers provide the tools and protocol they need to keep their employees safe. When employers don't do this, the workers might suffer injuries.

Recovering from an on-the-job back injury

If you've recently suffered a workplace back injury in Kansas, you know all too well how painful and disruptive to your daily life such an injury can be. Such injuries often create chronic pain conditions that are difficult to overcome. Perhaps, you were lifting something or reaching toward a high shelf when your injury occurred. Maybe you were hit by a motor vehicle or slipped and fell on a wet surface.

Neck injuries are more than a pain. They could be disabling

Millions of people are involved in car crashes each year, and many of them end up with neck injuries as a result. While the most common neck injury may be whiplash, there are other injuries that could occur. Neck injuries such as slipped/ruptured discs, broken bones and even internal decapitations could happen.

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