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Disney sued after bird attacks guest at resort

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Personal Injury |

People in Kansas City may often associate a bad reputation with personal injury lawsuits, viewing them as thinly-veiled attempts by people to make others pay for their accidents and/or injuries. Oftentimes, and accident may appear to be just that. As accidents by their very nature are typically unanticipated, some might say that any legal action arising from them is unwarranted. Yet typically, it is often not the actual event that is addressed in a lawsuit, but rather the conditions that contributed to it. From that perspective, a strong argument might by made that persons or parties in authority had it within their power to prevent an accident from ever occurring. 

Such is the claim being made on behalf of a Florida woman who claims to have suffered an injury after she was attacked by a bird while at Disney World. The woman’s attorney claimed that the Disney company had a responsibility to warn guests in its parks and resorts that the birds nesting in the landscape could potentially cause harm. That is what they allege to have happened to this woman. She was standing on the dock at one of Disney’s resorts when a bird “dive bombed” her, causing her to suffer serious brain injury, as well as disability and disfigurement that have contributed to her enjoying a lesser quality of life. 

The effects of a brain injury can often linger long after the incident that caused them. This can impact a person’s ability to return to work or even perform simple tasks associated with daily living. Knowing this, one might see why legal action may be warranted in such a situation. Those looking to take such action may first want to seek the advice of an experienced attorney.