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Woman’s sues after altercation leaves her with a concussion

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Personal Injury |

When the topic of brain injuries is brought up, many in Kansas City might automatically conjure up images of people in persistent vegetative states unable to function on their own. While such conditions are often the result of traumatic brain injuries, there are also many TBI cases whose outcomes are far less severe. Indeed, while many may not realize it, a concussion is also classified as a TBI. Yet most do not view concussions as being overly serious, as those who sustain are often able to recover from them in just a few days (without having to deal with any apparent ill effects). Any injury involving the brain, however, should be viewed as serious, as even something as simple as a concussion can have a dramatic impact on one’s life?

One might wonder how dramatic the long-term effects of a concussion can be. According to an Arizona woman currently suing the man she views as being responsible for her concussion, such an injury can cause memory loss, headaches and chronic pain. These are the consequences she is left to deal with after her interaction with a local law enforcement officer turned ugly. What started as an inquiry as to her presence in front of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment escalated to the officer forcefully restraining the woman (during which time her head hit the concrete) before arresting her. She is now suing, saying that the officer’s actions were excessive and unwarranted.

The aftereffects of a TBI can be difficult to pinpoint, yet one point that is difficult to dispute is the need for TBI victims to receive the appropriate care. If such care comes at an excessive cost, one may be left with little choice but to seek compensation. An attorney may be a valuable ally to have in such a pursuit.