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2 medics, 1 firefighter harmed at scene of car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Every job can result in injuries. Sometimes, it’s the very people who are there to protect others who end up getting hurt.

Take, for example, a case that took place in Waynesville. The Waynesville Rural Fire Protection district reported that two paramedics and a firefighter were injured at the scene of a car crash on Nov. 22. While the news did not report on how they were injured, it did point out that they would all be taking time off work to recover.

This creates an important scenario to speak about. Whenever any employee is injured while doing their job, it is important that they are able to seek workers’ compensation and get the coverage approved quickly. Doing this allows them to receive a portion of lost income, to receive coverage for medical care and to receive additional benefits, such as vocational rehabilitation, if they will not be able to do the same job again in the future.

While there was no information about the incident discussed with the news, medics, firefighters and other emergency personnel often face a number of dangers and hazards on the job. Some common threats to their safety include:

  • Chemical fires
  • Hazard exposure from spills
  • Aggressive or dangerous patients
  • Drug exposure
  • Exposure to fast-moving traffic

If you are working as a medic or other emergency personnel, don’t be afraid to seek out the compensation that you deserve if you are injured. If workers’ compensation is not available, you may have other options open to you specifically through your employer. Your attorney can help make sure you get the coverage you need.