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These are the common crash sites in Kansas City

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You live here in Kansas City, so you know that there are some areas that are just more dangerous than others when you’re driving. Sometimes, roadways are congested. Other times, they are narrow or difficult to maneuver.

Those issues can lead to collisions. Fortunately, the Kansas City Police and state have been tracking the most dangerous crash locations throughout the city. Knowing dangerous areas’ locations can help you avoid them or take precautions if you need to go there.

Where are the most dangerous places to drive in Kansas City?

The location with the most crashes was Interstate 435 and Holmes Road, which is located in the south section of the city. In the east, Interstate 435 and Interstate 70 have a high number of collisions. The third most dangerous area was 75th Street and Bruce Watkins Drive.

What’s leading to so many collisions in these areas of the city?

The police report that it’s rear-end crashes caused by distracted or inattentive driving behaviors that have led to most collisions in January 2020, the first month that data was collected. In other crash hotspots, inattention was again noted as a common cause of collisions. Most were rear-impact crashes.

Drivers can avoid rear-impact crashes

There are some simple tips that can help drivers avoid rear-impact crashes. For example, if you are going to be traveling, put your smartphone away on silent, so you aren’t tempted to look at it, place a call or send a text.

Another good tip is to put more space between yourself and other drivers. Just an extra car’s length could be enough to help prevent a crash.

It might not be possible to prevent every crash. If you’re injured because someone is inattentive, then you may want to consider filing a claim.