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A spinal fracture is a serious injury: Follow your treatment plan

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When you fell at work, you knew that you did something to your neck. It didn’t feel right, and you had significant pain.

You went to the hospital immediately, and you were told that you had a crack in one of your vertebrae. Though it may not lead to trouble in the future, for now, you’ll have to stay in a neck brace and won’t be able to work. It’s a huge problem for you, and you’re not sure what to do next.

Take neck pain seriously, and stay off the job

After a serious injury to the neck, you need to listen to your doctor’s orders. Your employer likely has you covered through workers’ compensation insurance, so you can file a claim and seek fair compensation through the benefits system. With workers’ compensation, you should receive compensation for the time you have to be off work as well as for the cost of medical care and other needs.

If you don’t listen to the doctor’s orders and return to work, you could worsen your condition. In a worst-case scenario, the dislocation or fracture of a vertebra could end up pinching or injuring your spinal nerves or spinal cord, leading to weakness, paralysis or other issues.

A spinal fracture isn’t the same as a fracture anywhere else in your body. This is a serious injury that could have lasting complications if it doesn’t heal correctly. It is essential that you get enough rest, follow your treatment plan and go through appropriate physical therapy when necessary. You should only return to work once your medical provider clears you.