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Hurt because of slick floors? You could have a claim

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

You have been working in your office for a few weeks, and one thing you’ve noticed is that the floors can be extremely slick. You are required to dress professionally, and that often means wearing heels and dressier shoes that don’t always have as much traction as you’d like.

You informed your employer that you had almost fallen because the floor was slick. They laughed a little bit and told you to be careful. You didn’t feel like they took it seriously.

Unfortunately, that’s how you ended up with a head injury. As you walked to take some papers to a colleague, you slipped and fell, hitting your head on the tile floor.

Employers are responsible for their employees’ well-being

It is up to employer to provide for their employees’ well-being in the workplace. If you inform your employer that there is a hazard, they should take that hazard seriously. If there was nothing done to minimize the risk of falling, such as laying down rugs or other methods of adding traction, then your employer may be held accountable.

In any case, when you’re hurt on the job, you may have a right to pursue workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is designed for situations like yours, where you were hurt in the course of your daily work.

When you are hurt, it’s important for you to seek medical care. You should inform your employer that you want to make a workers’ compensation claim as well. If they don’t want to allow the claim or refute the claim, you may be able to look into other legal options.