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Officer stabbed while responding to call in Kansas City

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Working as a police officer, emergency responder or another first-response worker can put you in danger. Sometimes, people lash out at you, and you could get hurt.

You do everything you can to protect yourself, but the truth is that you can’t expect every situation. People can be unpredictable, and you are sometimes put at risk because of factors that are unknown to you at the time. From people who use drugs to those who are having medical emergencies, you have to be there with them regardless of their actions.

Take for example this case out of Kansas City involving a police officer who responded to a call in the early evening. According to a report from June 3, the police are now investigating the stabbing of an officer that happened around 9th Street and Grand.

The officer was reportedly responding to a call about a person who was agitated and upset. The officer allegedly tried to calm the person down, but the individual had a knife that they used to stab the officer just above their vest. The officer was left in critical condition because of the stabbing, but he is now stable, reports indicate.

The individual who stabbed the officer was taken into custody. It’s not clear why the person stabbed the officer or what they were upset about.

Unfortunately, it’s true that you have a hazardous job. If you’re hurt, remember that you can pursue workers’ compensation if you need to seek medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover your medical expenses, certain lost wages and other needs.