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A compression fracture can happen if you fall

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When you fell in the local shopping mall after slipping on water dripping from a hole in the ceiling, you knew that you were hurt. You felt an unusual crack and pain in your upper back. You had a horrible headache that wouldn’t go away and crippling pain.

Before you left the area, you let the owner know that you were going to go seek medical attention for the fall due to the pain. You had them keep a record of your injury and note what time it happened, so they could pull up the security feed if necessary.

Is upper back pain serious?

Upper back pain can be a sign of significant injuries, though it normally is not a cause for concern. The upper back, also known as the thoracic spine, is the most stable part of the spine and is less likely to be injured than other areas.

That doesn’t mean that your injuries couldn’t be serious. If you have severe pain or numbness, you could have a fracture. Compression fractures are dangerous and are the most common injury to the thoracic spine. A hard fall and excessive pressure can result in the bones collapsing, leading to a compression fracture that could threaten your spinal cord.

You may need several tests to diagnose this condition, and it’s possible that you could need surgery to treat the fracture if it is severe. It’s important to discuss the possibility of making a claim against the premises where you got hurt, especially if there was an area with slick floors where no wet floor signs were present.