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3 workers badly hurt in work-site crash on NE Cookingham Drive

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

It’s unfortunate when it happens, but worksite collisions do sometimes happen when workers are busy working on the roadways. Crews may be focusing on their jobs and not notice an oncoming vehicle. Drivers may not pay as much attention as they should, which can result in crashes.

In a recent story out of Kansas City, it was reported that three road-paving workers were injured in a crash involving three vehicles. They were working near Northeast Cookingham Drive when the crew stopped their two vehicles, a Jeep SUV and a Ford pickup with a trailer.

They stopped their vehicles and parked them facing east. They were on the shoulder, so they did not come out into the main lanes.

Despite their attention to parking off the roadway, an oncoming Chevrolet pickup truck hit the trailer of the Ford. This resulted in it being pushed forward. The workers, who were on foot ahead of the vehicle, were struck.

All three of the construction workers were rushed to the hospital. At least one had reportedly critical injuries at the time of the news release. The driver of the Chevy also had to be taken to the hospital but was said to have minor injuries.

The authorities at the scene stated that they were still investigating to see if alcohol or impairment played any role in this collision.

Crashes like this are unfortunate, but they do happen. If you’re working and are struck while doing your job, you may be able to seek workers’ compensation or compensation through other means, so you can get the financial support you need as you recover.