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Reimbursements from the Provide Accurate Information Directly Act

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

The Provide Accurate Information Directly Act helps insurance providers in the settlement of claims for workers’ compensation in Kansas. The law helps these providers to understand exactly which reimbursements are necessary when a claim comes forward. This is especially important when considering claims that come from employees who are older and who receive a Medicare insurance plan since the information for reimbursements will be more accurate to avoid lawsuits.

Benefits of the new law

Insurance companies receive massive benefits for workers’ compensation claims from the Provide Accurate Information Directly Act enacted under President Trump. These benefits include:

  • More accurate understanding of coverage
  • A clearer picture from Medicare
  • No claims after settlement from Medicare
  • More abilities to investigate claims right away


The Provide Accurate Information Directly Act came into law on December 11, 2020. Medicare will have one year from that date to update the information on its portals so that the process goes smoothly. Any claims that come through the system are now done within a short time span rather than over a period of months, as was previously the case.


The new law will save money for the government when thinking of these Medicare plans. Insurance providers have fewer costs as well under this plan. They do not have to pay the costs that come with lawsuits and with reopening a claim with this new act. More reimbursements may come as well for the insured employees after a workers’ compensation claim as well.

Workers’ compensation is a delicate process for any employee, but this is especially true if an employee has Medicare. Thankfully, new laws are here that help with reimbursement for your claims. Contact an attorney for help in better understanding this new law and receiving the reimbursement for your claim as you need.