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Discrimination for being pregnant

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2021 | Blog |

Finding out that you’re pregnant should be an exciting event. However, depending on where you work in Kansas, you could encounter businesses that discriminate against pregnancy. There are a few common examples of what tends to occur in this situation that you can look for if you’re being treated differently simply because you’re expecting a new arrival.

Firing or not hiring

After working for a company for several months or years and approaching your employer to inform them about being pregnant, you expect that the news would be taken in a professional manner. However, your employer could make the decision to fire you because you’re pregnant. This would be a form of discrimination. Not hiring you for an open position that you can clearly perform could be a form of employment law discrimination as well.


An employer is responsible for providing proper accommodations for employees to work in during the day so that they are comfortable and can get the job finished. Moving around, bending over and navigating around various objects might not be as easy as you get farther along into your pregnancy. Not providing an area where you can comfortably work until you go on maternity leave or making the area comfortable for standing or sitting for extended hours can be discrimination.

One thing to keep in mind is that pregnancy discrimination is against the law, meaning you can hold your employer responsible for the discrimination. An attorney may review the details of the actions committed by your employer and file a claim so that you can get your job back or get the compensation that you deserve.