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Are falls a risk for construction workers?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation |

Working on a Kansas construction site comes with risks, and even the most careful worker could experience a mishap. A minor injury might leave someone out of work for a few days, hurting the worker’s income. Imagine the financial troubles derived from six months out of work or more.

Anyone who falls on the job may end up with a lengthy hospital stay and severe physical limitations. Falls from great heights could lead to equally significant injuries. Even a slip-and-fall accident at ground level comes with potentially disastrous harm.

Common ways people get hurt from construction site falls

Scaffolding remains a common sight at construction locations. Scaffolding allows workers to reach great heights while operating on a platform. Scaffolds require assembly, and subpar assembly could lead to problems. If the scaffolding collapses, those on the scaffold might suffer harm. Even if the scaffold is stable, someone may still slip and fall.

Ladders have their risks, too. A portable ladder requires no assembly but presents the chance for a horrific fall. Poor stabilization and other issues may lead to a ladder tipping over, or someone could slip on a step and hit the ground hard.

Slip-and-fall accidents may happen anywhere on a construction site. Wires, tools, boxes and other items might cause someone to trip. Even a fall from a slight height could break a bone or worse.

Mitigating issues with worker injuries

Employers should take steps to reduce the chances of injuries. Making sure all ladders, scaffolds and other equipment are free of defects might help. Providing workers with the necessary safety and rigging equipment may also be beneficial. Even the essential step of instituting safety training could yield positive results.

Thankfully, proving fault is not necessary in Kansas when filing for worker’s comp. However, the process for seeking compensation might come with unexpected issues.

Construction workers hope they don’t run into problems filing for workers’ compensation, but denials might happen. An attorney may assist in such instances. Working with an attorney to file the initial claim may be a productive approach.