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Distractions causing worker injuries in Kansas

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation |

Regardless of what kind of industry you work in, workplace distractions can be very costly. Sometimes it’s as easy as an accident that can be fixed but is a waste of time. Other times, distracted workers can cause serious injuries to other workers around them.

If you believe your workplace injury was caused by a distracted colleague or manager, it might qualify you for workers’ compensation. Here is the latest data that you need to know about distracted workers and injuries on the job.

Cell phones have made the problem worse

Studies show that an average employee spends around 2.5 hours each workday on their phone. This might vary from occupation to occupation, but still has serious consequences beyond the loss of productivity. In those studies, 14% of people said their workplaces suffered accidents due to cell phone distractions.

These statistics vary by industry. People who work in manufacturing or industrial work reported an increase in workers’ compensation claims due to distracted workers. The injuries were much more serious in these cases.

Is there an attempt to prevent it?

While most workplaces might have some sort of policy against cellphone use during the day, studies show it didn’t make a drastic difference. In high-risk industries, some argue that employers needed to take a firmer approach to the problem. But there’s no clear-cut solution to the cell phone distraction problem that plagues most workplaces.

Do I have a case if I’m injured by a distracted worker?

If you’re injured on the job, you can always file workers’ compensation claims. You might have a claim if you can prove that you were injured by a distracted worker or an employer failing to provide a distraction-free environment. A lawyer may be of help in filing your claim.