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SSD Appeals Can Be Complex: Seek Legal Assistance

In the event your disability claim is denied, you have the option to seek an appeal based upon existing evidence. Whether I, attorney Michael. J. Joshi, was your disability attorney before this point or not, I will be glad to assist you with social security disability appeals.

Because the Social Security Administration Appeals Council will base your case review on existing evidence, it is essential to have everything gathered prior to the appeal. As your legal adviser and representation, I will certainly help you make sure you have everything ready that can help you get the benefits you deserve.

There Are Two Ways To Approach A Denial For Benefits

When you are denied Social Security disability at a hearing, there are two ways to approach your potential appeal. You may ask for an appeal by the Appeals Council or bring your case to the federal court. Whichever avenue you pursue, you have a 60-day limit in which to take action. As with all legal processes, the sooner you begin the process of social security disability appeals, the better your chances of success.

My job as your disability attorney is to guide you through the steps of the proceedings, and to provide the support you need to concentrate on healing both physically and financially. I care deeply about helping my clients obtain what’s rightfully theirs, and work tirelessly to get it. More than anything, I want to see you and your family living comfortably in your own home.

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