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SSI Benefits For Disabled Children

I am always sorry to hear of someone who has tried to obtain social security disability benefits without the help of a knowledgeable attorney. The process can be time consuming and complicated, and the less experience parties have in the arena, the less their chances of securing the benefits they so desperately need.

As a social security disability lawyer serving the people of Kansas and Missouri, I work tirelessly to help you obtain compensation in the wake of an illness or injury that renders you unable to work and bring in income. While a desire for justice is at the heart of what I do, I also find joy in seeing my clients get the financial assistance that allows them to stay in their homes and feed their families.

Some people do not realize that the application for disability benefits is almost more important than reconsiderations and appeals. Because very few cases are approved in the first round of hearings, they must work all the harder to prepare for the next step. This is where it is so essential to have the support of a reputable attorney.

The details and paperwork that come with filing for benefits and seeking appeals are endless, and I also understand you might also be dealing with the physical complications of illness or injury. I want to make things as clear and streamlined as possible, and in that spirit, I will perform your initial consultation free of charge. Denials might be common when you apply for disability benefits, but at , you’ll find nothing but a positive attitude.

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